Castle of Vendôme

Town of Vendôme


Le Château au bout des doigts

Le Château au bout des doigts

The Castle at your fingertips

Digital features to be experienced independently, historical features, photographs and documents, can be found on www.CVendome.net by scanning the QR Codes in the park or by clicking on the icons below.

This circuit has been produced as part of the “Le Vendômois connecté” (The connected Vendômois) initiative, in partnership with the Department (Loir-et-Cher) and the town of Vendôme.

The QR Codes in the park

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About the Castle...

Castle of Vendôme

Town of Vendôme

Town of Vendôme
Department of economic development 

(heritage animation)

The town of Vendôme showcases its Castle, a medieval fortress dominating the city and birthplace of the Bourbon-Vendôme family.

Discover the landscaped gardens and an exceptional panorama on the city.  Animations brought by the City and the "Castle of Vendôme cradle of Bourbon" associations are proposed throughout the year.


Association Castle of Vendôme cradle of Bourbon

Contact: chateaudeVendome@gmail.com

Tel: +33 (6) 83 53 87 69

Address, contacts and useful information

Château de Vendôme

Commune de Vendôme - Direction du développement économique (animation du patrimoine)

Postal address

Communauté du Pays de Vendôme

BP 20107


Vendôme cedex


Telephone and Fax

Tel. : 02 54 89 41 86





VENDÔME - Bien plus qu'une place:


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Château de Vendôme (41) - Plan des QR Codes dans le parc

Le Château au bout des doigts : visite interactive et virtuelle du Château de Vendôme.


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